Russell Lee

31 years of age with a 50 year old hair line. Russell has been with LAD since 2005 and is the piston in the engine room, he drives LAD forward with his simple and some what rubbish video editing skills. Used by LAD for his links to a printing firm and web developer he is easily exploited & over worked. He is always willing to get naked in the name of charity Russell continues to provide for the LAD family with his vast nerd knowledge. Russell has been hit hard with past LAD work & now easily boasts a beer and pizza abused belly.

Shaun Hunt

One of the founding members of LAD this under developed male is the director of the LAD LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender). He strives for perfection but often falls short. He is enthusiastic and often the catalyst for humour, admired by his peers he is renowned for his one shot/one take filming attitude and considered the ‘GOLD IDEAS’ man. He has passed his muscles on to Bumpy who is keen to tell Shaun “You are too fat to be in this music video”

Porky Johnson

One of the other founding members, Porky is the Dad of LAD. Renowned in the comedy circuit he is always the first to have his trousers round his ankles and doing his own impression of Budgie the helicopter. His transformation after extensive exercise, beard growing work outs and lipo suction is now the best looking thug in the group, he also boasts the biggest cock*
*although these stats are unconfirmed and considered hearsay by Russ and Shaun